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Pain, trauma, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue,  depression,  anxiety,  learning difficulties,  back pain, sciatica, insomnia, food sensitives , body cell scanning

Our main goal is to help your mind and body reconnect, developing your own healthy and spiritual process. Our practice is one of a kind and caters to a broad range of clientele. You’ll be filled with pure gratitude and relaxation while elevating your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. 
We provide everything your mind and body could possibly need. Detailed evaluation assessments and scanning identify areas of imbalance. Each clients journey is tailor made to your specific needs and comfort levels, enriching the healing process and ensuring the best possible outcomes. Welcome home to Jodies Holistic Health.

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About Us

Holistic Health Clinic in Beaudesert Qld

Operating both in Clinic and online World Wide

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Jodies Holistic Health Clinic hours are Mon - Sat   10.00am - 9.00pm

Where we aid you in addressing the root causes of health issues you have struggled with for years and have no answers for. This is deep diving work where you will under go transformation on every level, helping lift the dis-ease within the body and increasing your wellness!!

We also run many Holistic style classes empowering you with new skills, and toolkits around living a more fulfilled life full of compassion, relaxation, abundance and heart centered joy.

For a Practitioner therapy Session please text or call Jodie on 0419 225 488. Sessions are from 30 minutes to 4 hours depending on what is needed, and you are involved in every part of process.


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A Life of Balance

I have a diverse background of healing, NLK Practitioner kinesiology, Meditation guide and healing, 20yrs events facilitator, Ceremonies, 20yrs Pharmaceutical Technician, currently studying Practitioners course in Spinal Flow.

My passion is in helping families and children to recognize their body and feel safe in their own skin. Assisting people in healing their hearts, reconnecting the mind the body connection, so they can move forward in their life living their best life!

I truly  believe by helping people, especially children ... to come back to that "community" spirit of knowing who they are and feeling they belong then they will grow into their best adult human selves. 


uses a muscle bio feedback holistic approach to speak with the clients body by using a combination of western and eastern sciences, methods, and beliefs to rebalance the body physically, emotionally, chemically, and spiritually. This is done by a very gentle pressure to certain acupressure points where the body will identify areas of concern. Sessions can help with anything from fibromyalgia to overcoming the toxic stresses on the body of working long hours. Kinesiology has no limits, and nor do you !

Initial session we will do an in-depth evaluation which shows if the brain is working as it should or if there is connection issue, we discuss lifestyle, traumas, and of course the concerns you have and what you are there to be treated for. This session is usually around an hour and half and does include a balance. However as with anything, depending on how deep the issue is it may take a few sessions. This is completely up to you, only you know how you feel.

I can do kinesiology one on one in person or it can be done via Zoom, or video call and the balance done via distance.


We run many different ceremonies and events. Please check in to keep updated, or connect with us if you would like a ceremony as unique as you. We cater all non traditional and some traditional ceremonies such as Blessingway, Naming day, Promise Ceremony, Sabbath's, Equinoxes, Circles and much more.


My partner and I are also direct descendants of 2 very well know Viking lineages and can bring a true Norse Pagan feel to your event and/or ceremony if needed. Viking/Shield Maiden naming Day, Valkyrie 30th ceremony ( Like a funeral to your youth but different lol)

Check out our Ceremonies page for circles, up coming celebrations we hold. Tickets can be purchased there and are a great way to connect, get centered and move into your true self with like minded people.


I am currently studying my Practitioners qualifications in this modality. I fell in love with it as soon as I seen it. During my kinesiology course our dear friend and tutor had a special event at the studio with someone she knows doing spinal flow. I never heard of it before and went and done some thing I know I am inlove, signed up (At the time heavily pregnant with pending high risk caesarian on the cards lol thats how much I loved this modality!!)

Spinal Flow uses very specific points to talk to the dura mater (the fluid around the brain and the nervous system) and identify "holdings" of physical, emotional, and chemical trauma. It is extremely gentle, and can even be done babies!

Specific points once touched, remind the dura mater to connect there and it stimulates the central nervous system to reignite the power of healing within this area. 

Initial session we will do a complete postural assessment, locating the areas of "holding" Both body imagery is taken and physical gentle assessment practice done by simply assessing the body with touch and the imagery is an app I use to pinpoint where the body is out of alignment. We then go the treatment part of the session and this is usually 30 minutes of treatment. Longer can be booked and I usually will do specials where I will run "group" sessions and treat upto 5 or more at a time for a special rate.

I will update the website with prices once I am fully qualified, at the moment while studying if you are interested in giving this modality a try please feel free to connect with me on this as I love to putting everything into practice and it helps me alot! Something I wont forget for future treatments.

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