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Fri, 27 Oct



Sacred Sistars Circle

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Sacred Sistars Circle
Sacred Sistars Circle

Time & Location

27 Oct 2023, 10:00 am – 12:30 pm AEST

Beaudesert, 10 Hawkins St, Beaudesert QLD 4285, Australia

About the Event

Welcome dear sistar, to the ancient art of womens circle. We will meditate, journal, craft, release, laugh and connect in ways only women can. This is a healing journey, with a different focus for each circle. We may cover things like breathwork, craft, meditation, energy clearing. You a=will be seen, nurtured, and celebrated for every part of you through this journey. No one needs to share anything they do not want to, the connections are a beautiful blossom with many opportunities throughout the circle to nurture with your sistars

A women's circle is a deeply transformative and enriching space where women come together to support each other, share experiences, and promote their physical and mental well-being. Within these circles, various activities are utilized to foster health and mental wellness, such as meditation and journaling, all while building connections and empowering the collective in nurturing and gentle ways.

Meditation is a powerful tool within women's circles, offering participants a chance to find inner peace and tranquility. Regular meditation practice has been linked to numerous health benefits, including reduced stress, improved emotional regulation, and increased self-awareness. In the context of a women's circle, meditation allows women to connect with their inner selves, release pent-up emotions, and cultivate mindfulness. This practice can contribute to better mental health and a greater sense of well-being.

Journaling is another valuable activity often incorporated into women's circles. The act of journaling can be therapeutic, helping women process their thoughts and feelings, gain insights, and work through challenges. Writing about one's experiences and emotions can be a form of self-expression and self-care, leading to a reduction in anxiety and stress levels. Journaling in a group setting within the circle can also encourage self-reflection and personal growth, as women share their journeys and offer each other support and encouragement.

Connecting with other women in a women's circle is an essential aspect of the experience. Building and nurturing these connections can have profound mental wellness benefits. Women often find that sharing their stories, struggles, and successes in a supportive environment helps them feel heard, validated, and less alone in their experiences. This sense of community fosters a feeling of belonging and can lead to reduced feelings of isolation and depression. The camaraderie and empathy within the circle create a safe space for women to explore their emotions and work through challenges together.

Empowering ourselves as a collective in gentle ways is a fundamental objective of women's circles. These gatherings promote a sense of unity, allowing women to draw strength from each other and feel more empowered in their individual lives. By sharing their wisdom, experiences, and insights, women collectively inspire each other to strive for personal growth and self-improvement. This empowerment often takes the form of gentle encouragement, with women supporting each other's aspirations and personal goals, fostering an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust.

In essence, a women's circle is a holistic approach to promoting the health and mental wellness of its participants. Through meditation and journaling, women can achieve a greater sense of inner peace and self-awareness. Connecting with other women creates a supportive community that combats feelings of isolation and depression. And the empowerment of the collective, achieved in gentle and nurturing ways, helps women recognize their own strength and potential. Women's circles offer a safe and transformative space for personal growth and well-being, embracing the mind, body, and spirit.


  • Sacred Sistar Circle

    October 27th, Stepping into my power is the theme for the next 4 circles. 27th October, 10th November, 24th November, 8th December

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